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Creator Economy Jobs is the premiere job board for employers and job seekers in the creator economy. We want to help one million people find their dream job in the creator economy.

Why? Because our team is passionate about this industry and the people who are a part of it. The creator economy is an incredibly welcoming and collaborative community united by a common mission: to empower people to make a living doing what they love.

But we’re still in early innings. We need more resources and infrastructure to help support this space. One of the biggest gaps is hiring. Our industry is growing so rapidly that it can be hard to find qualified candidates, especially since many roles require specialized skills.

The other problem is that hiring is fragmented. It’s easy for your job listings to get drowned out on LinkedIn, AngelList, and Indeed.

That’s why we started Creator Economy Jobs. Finally, there’s a central hub for job seekers and hiring managers in our industry!


Looking for a job in the creator economy? Sure, you can wade through hundreds of career pages and online job postings.

Or you can use CreatorEconomyJobs.co to easily browse open roles across our industry.

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We want to help you find great candidates to join your team!

We aggregate open roles from creator economy companies and list them on our site. Candidates can browse open roles and apply directly via your website or applicant tracking system.

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