The Creator Economy Jobs Hiring Trends Report 2024

We analyzed 1,500+ open roles & 600+ companies to bring you a comprehensive summary of creator economy jobs & trends.
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What’s the best leading indicator for the creator economy’s growth? Hiring trends. We analyzed data from 600+ creator economy companies and 1,500+ open roles to create a comprehensive report of what employers are looking for.

  • What types of roles are most in demand?
  • How much experience do you need to get hired?
  • What city has the most jobs available? (Surprise - it’s not LA!)
  • And of course, which creator economy companies are hiring?

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Creator Economy Hiring Trends Report Sections

Throughout our 13-page report, we analyze and report our finds on the following:
  • Jobs by Function - across 12 different job functions (including Creator Partnerships, Product, Engineering, Talent Management, more).
  • Experience Level - broken down across 6 different levels of experience — from Entry (4.6%) to Executive (1.5%).
  • Time Commitment - either by Internship, Contractor, Part-time, or Full-time. Note: Creator Economy Jobs largely caters to full-time hiring, so results could be skewed by our data collection.
  • Location - broken down across the top 10 countries (including “Remote”) and “Other” (at 23.9%).
  • Most Popular Cities - similar to Location but assessed across the top 12 international cities hiring for creator economy jobs.
  • Salary Transparency - percentage breakdown of job opportunities disclosing a salary range vs. not disclosing. Tip: You can filter for jobs with salary data on our site.
  • Layoffs - a number of major platforms announced layoffs this quarter, citing challenging macroeconomic conditions and shifting business priorities.
  • Who’s Hiring - these 10 creator economy companies have the most open roles as of March 2024.

The 2024 Creator Economy Hiring Trends Report: Takeaways & Next Steps

We conclude our report with a few helpful creator economy hiring tips from the team at Creator Economy Jobs - we are the premier job board for creator economy companies and candidates. We’re passionate about helping people find their dream job in this industry!

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